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Ini Nabil : Too Personal, again ?

I always sad when i post this kind of picture but people maybe feel disgusting, laugh or just say "oh, it's just her"as long as you guys happy. Well, this is me. Be myself is the main goal of life, even i look so ugly with this double chin and sh*t, i don't care. I never wish that i had two personality or bipolar or any kind of mental illness, and i always cry for help but nobody have time for that. They said that it's my own business and my own problem just deal with it. No i can't. Do you think that I'm strong enough? Well, if I can't control myself, probably i can strongly punch you in the face. 

Banyak yang nanyain ..  "Kamu kemana aja?"  "Ko kamu gak masuk kampus?" "Kamu bolos?"  "Kamu sakit apa? Dirawat ga?" "Itu dosen pada nanyain"  "Kangen teh.." "Ih ko sombong sih, bbm ga dibales"   Memang, dari semester 4 nabil gak masuk kampus lagi sampe sekarang. Sebenernya mau jawab, tapi k…